Refrigerant Test Leak

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Refrigerant Test Leak for sniffer leak detection

INFICON calibrated test leaks enable to test and to calibrate refrigerant sniffer leak detectors for the highest quality demands in leak detection. The handling of the test leaks and the calibration of the sniffer leak detectors is very easy. The function of these leaks is based on a special quartz capillary which is customized to deliver a specific reduced flow from a test gas reservoir.

INFICON provides a wide range of calibrated test leaks for refrigerant sniffer leak detectors in industrial enviroments. The test leaks are available in different leak rates and test gases.


  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for industrial applications
  • Available in different leak rates
  • Inspection certificate included in accordance to DIN EN 10204:2004-3.1
  • Traceable to PTB certificate
  • Highly accurate and reliable due to the profil of the quartz capillary
  • Metal-free capillary for low temperature dependance
  • Refillable


  • Test and calibration of sniffer leak detector

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Part Number Refrigerant Test Leak

Part Number Description
12232 Test Leak CO2, 2-3.5g/a
12220 Test Leak R134a, 2-5g/a
12221 Test Leak R600a, 2-5g/a
12222 Test Leak R404a, 2-5g/a
12227 Test Leak R152a, 2-5g/a
12228 Test Leak R407c, 2-5g/a
12229 Test Leak R410a,2-5g/a
12235 Test Leak R-1234 YF, 2-5 g/a
12236S Test Leak R32 2-8g/a
12231 Test Leak R290,7-8g/a
12240 Test Leak R134a,10-12g/a
12241 Test Leak R600a,15-18g/a
12242 Test Leak R404a,14-17g/a
12275 Test Leak R744 (CO2), 10-14g/a
12301 Test Leak R1234ze, 2-5 g/a
12300 Test Leak SF6, 2-5 g/a
12304 Test Leak R-245fa, 2-5g/a
12305 Test Leak R452A, 2-5 g/a
12311 Test Leak R-448A, 2-5g/a
12320 Test Leak R-452B, 2-5 g/a
12321 Test Leak R454C, 2-5 g/a
12323 Test Leak R-454b, 2-5 g/a
12324 Test Leak R513A, 2-5g/a
12328 Test Leak R134a, 2-5g/a
12327 Test Leak R450A, 2-5 g/a


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