Pressure Leak Test Gain Systems

Assembly and component pressure tests are widely used because of their accuracy and compatibility with a range of testing applications. Pressure tests involve filling components with air pressure to detect leaks caused by cracks, faulty seals, and other defects. There are different pressure leak testing devices available, and the accuracy of your results depends on the selected test method for your application.  

With over 30 years of experience in building leak detection systems, Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) has touched every market and has the knowledge base that makes us the best in the world. We provide optimized test technologies for various industries and testing applications.  

Our pressure gain leak test systems allow a part under test to be measured with more precision at lower leak specifications. Pressure gain leak testing technology is valuable for a variety of uses ranging from sealed component pressure tests to high-pressure leak tests.

Sealed Component Testing

One area where our pressure leak testing equipment excels over the competition is testing parts that are completely sealed—for example, an enclosure containing electronics with potted terminals. We leverage the experience gained from the design and manufacturing of thousands of unique test applications. Volumetric fill, a leak test method developed and optimized by CTS, allows our leak detection systems to detect the smallest leaks in almost any sealed part.

High-Pressure Component Testing

Another application for pressure gain systems is testing high-pressure components where test performance may be degraded due to adiabatic effects caused when filling with high pressure. This usually registers as “noise” to the leak testing equipment.

By placing the component within a sealed chamber, pressurizing the part to the desired test pressure, and measuring the pressure gain inside the sealed chamber, CTS high-pressure leak test systems can isolate the adiabatic effects within the part for improved test performance and reduced cycle times

Burst Test/Integrity Testing

We can also provide leak testing equipment for burst test or part integrity test requirements. Our burst test/integrity test solutions operate in a similar manner to our high-pressure leak test systems. As a part is pressurized, the leak test system monitors the chamber for sudden changes in pressure or in gain. The chamber includes special design features to protect against damage in the event of a burst.

Pressure Leak Testing for Specialized Parts

Pressure leak testing components like carbon canisters and charcoal water filters pose unique challenges due to the absorbent nature of the materials housed in them. CTS has extensive knowledge of chambered test methods where positively pressurized components are placed in a chamber.

Our specialized leak testing equipment applies vacuum to the chamber to create a pressure differential across the part walls. The resultant pressure gain in the chamber (due to the leak across the part wall) is measured to verify whether the component meets the stated specification requirements.

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