Consumer Goods Leak Testing Solutions

People’s living standards are growing, so the demand for consumer goods is increasing with many complex functions. Testing equipment to ensure the integrity and safety of products and consumers is becoming increasingly important. The Cincinnati Test System (CTS) has proven to be a reliable and cost-effective pressure decay, mass flow, and trace gas leak detector. meet consumer needs.

Advanced technology leak, flow, and explosion test equipment

The Sentinel family of devices are a versatile platform of standard products designed to provide a wide variety of solutions for a variety of test requirements. Applications ranging from lawn/garden equipment, power tools, kitchen faucets, and electronics are a few good examples of where CTS solutions are used to solve control problems. Application-specific leak, flow, and explosion testing.

Custom or standard inspection solutions

Regardless of the complexity of the application, CTS provides an effective inspection solution for each application in terms of quality and cost to meet your requirements. Product integrity and safety are of primary concern when products are purchased for the purpose of providing consumers with safe and quality products.

Helium leak detector for consumer goods manufaturing

The evaporator, condenser and compressor are excellent examples of CTS integrating helium leak detectors to ensure that the gas control system is operating at peak efficiency. The TracerMate II product reduces the overall cost and complexity of helium leak detectors by providing a standard solution.

For more than thirty years, CTS standard products or turnkey solutions have provided the consumer goods industry with a wide range of options that help ensure the integrity of products accessible to the public across the world. all over the world. CTS has the right combination of solutions to meet the growing needs of the consumer market.


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