INFICON is one of the leading suppliers of advanced sensors and devices in Industry 4.0. The equipment helps to increase production quality and save costs, especially in the field of leak testing in the refrigerant industry and automation lines.

This analysis, measurement and control process is essential for gas leak detection – product sealing in the manufacture of air conditioning/ refrigeration, automobiles, electronic components… INFICON’s products are designed specifically to suit each customer’s leak testing needs. With technology that uses gas tracking, the devices help detect and locate any product leaks.

Other users of our vacuum-based processes include life sciences, research, aerospace, packaging, heat treatment, laser cutting and many other industrial processes. INFICON is constantly improving vacuum technology through its products. From leak testers to vacuum probes, INFICON’s product line is used in a wide range of industries including aerospace, semiconductor tool manufacturing, energy, and other 4.0 industries.

Hystrong is currently an authorized agent of INFICON in Vietnam.

We are proud of providing genuine Inficon equipment to Customers here. We also provide reputable genuine warranty and repair services.


HystrongICL is a leading distributor of INFICON instruments in Vietnam, with an experienced technical team

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