Inificon MODUL 1000


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Inficon Modul 1000 is a helium leak detector, designed as a modul. The instrument can be used for in both vacuum or sniffer mode for many different industrial leak testing application. The Inficon Modul 1000 can adapt to accommodate changes in production specifications.

The Inficon Modul 1000 helps factories optimize manufacturing line based on the reliable, intelligent and repeatable platform


  • Wide range detection system: from 0.1 to < 5 x 10-12 mbar l/s
  • Plug & play installation; flexible interfaces
  • Software algorithm I.CAL provides accurate test results in all measurement ranges
  • Storage of parameter settings for easy data transfer on an integrated, removable I.STICK
  • Flexible control via optional display unit, remote control, PLC or PC


  • Reliable for maximum uptime: The INFICON Modul 1000 can maintain the stability and prevent the prepeatable measurement from effects in changing environment conditions.
  • Intelligent Design improves measurement certainty: I.CALTM and I.Stick provide accurate measurements at unsurpassed speed in all measurement ranges. The instrument can offers flexible inputs and status outputs for PLC control
  • Easy setting of automated procedures: Software functions implemented allow direct valve control of helium leak test systems without the use of an additional PLC.

Typical Applications

  • Evaporators, condensers, compressors
  • Valves
  • Brake lines, fuel lines
  • Hydraulic components
  • Engines


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Min. detectable leak rate “Vacuum”-Mode mbar•L/s <5E-12
Min. detectable leak rate “Sniffer”-Mode mbar•L/s <5E-8
Max. inlet pressure mbar 0.4, 3 mbar for Modul1000b
Operational Mode wide range without crossover (12 decades)
Helium pumping speed at inlet L/s 2.5, 0.1 (Modul1000b)
Ion Source 2 longlife iridium filaments, Ytrium-oxide coated
Start-up time min <3
Inlet port / fore-vacuum port ‘DN 25 KF
Power supply V 100-240, Hz 50/60
Control inputs V max. 35 (8xPLC compatible)
Status / Valve control / Trigger outputs 9 / 11 / 3 x relay contacts (max. 60 V AC / 25 V DC / 1 A)
Chart recorder output lin/log V 2 x 0 – 10 (programmable)
Recommended fore-vacuum pump m³/h 2.5 – 16 (wet or dry)
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm
535 x 350 x 339
21.1 x 13.8 x 13.4
Weight kg


550-300A ULTRATEST Modul1000,Helium leak detector
550-310A Leak detector Modul1000, V and S
550-330A ULTRATEST MODUL1000b,LD w/sniffer


Part Number Description
14005 SL200, Sniffer Probe for UL1000/5000 Modul1000, 4m length
14022 Extension cable for remote control RC1000, 8 m length
551-005 TC1000Test Chamber,DN25KF,ESD wrist band
551-010 Remote Control RC1000C, wired, with 4m coiled cable
551-015 Remote Control RC1000WL, wireless, incl. wireless transmitter
551-020 Wireless transmitter for RC1000WL
551-100 Control unit, desktop version
551-101 Display unit, rack installation
551-102 Cable 5 m for 551–100
551-103 Connecting cable, ext. Control unit, 0.7


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