Leak Testing Solutions for Automotive Powertrains

Automotive powertrains have been a hot topic since the 80s. Powertrain testing requirements require efficient and highly accurate methods. From methods such as hydrostatic or hydraulic pressure, flow or calibration, helium to large flow leak testing, characteristic analysis is incorporated into leak testing equipment, especially from Cincinnati Test System (CTS).

Engine components and final assemblies

Whether the application involves testing a single engine block or a complete engine assembly, it can be easily performed on advanced leak detection systems and flow meters. A holistic, holistic approach is used to develop solutions that exceed the performance and reliability goals of global engine manufacturers.

Multiple methods to check transmission

Whether drive shaft components or final finished assemblies require the use of functional testing or other calibration solutions, we offer equipment customized to suit your needs. your request.

Exquisite welding techniques used with high pressure fuel pipes

When testing automotive fuel pipes today, pressures in excess of 2200 psig present special challenges when designing and building automotive powertrains management equipment. CTS products have developed and used sealing techniques to minimize alteration and minimize the possibility of damage to critical sealing surfaces.
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