Hydrogen Portable Leak Detector INFICON Extrima®


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The portable leak detector Extrima from INFICON is completely safe for users. The instrument helps operators identify exactly the leaking positions, even in the most difficult leak testing environment like Zone 0 (corresponding to Division 1).

The INFICON Extrima is designed with high sensitivity, Therefore, it can quickly detect leaks in many differet industrial applications, such as aircraft and hydrogen cooled generators. Particularly, the instrument can reduce the average time by more than 50% for identifying, locating and repairing a leak. With  Extrima, you will have a safe, precise and simple leak testing solutions for a complete fuel systems, both in production and maintenance situations.

The portable leak detector INFICON Extrima is certified for use in Zone 0, classification Ex ia, IIC T3 with ATEX, IECEx, TIIS, NEPSI and CSA certificates.


  • Intrinsically safe: Ex ia IIC T3
  • High sensitivity 0.5 ppm/ 5E10-7cc/s using 5% H2/95% N2
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • 1 minute start up time
  • Unique selectivity to hydrogen


  • Totally safe for using in dagerous zones (Ex ia IIC T3)
  • High sensitivity and fast recovery allow for efficient operation
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • Portable, battery operated (more than 7 hours of use per charge)
  • Innovative Sensistor technology helps the instrument use forming gas (5% hydrogen in nitrogen) as tracer gas


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Minimum detectable leak rate
Measuring mode

Locating mode

0.5 ppm – 0.2% H2

5 x 10-7 cc/s (using 5 % H2 tracer gas)

Ex classification Ex ia IIC T3
Battery Capacity – full charge, screen saver activated Up to 7 h at >15°C (59°F)
Weight (excl. probe and probe cable) 4.5 kg (10.0 lb.)


Part Number

590-600 Extrima



590-606 Hand Probe PX57 (rigid neck)
590-607 Hand Probe PX57 Flex (flexible neck)
590-618 Injection Fix Kit, for injecting tracer gas to leaks on uneven surfaces
590-619 Injection Panel, for easy gas injection from bottle to Injection Pad
590-621 Complete Gas Injection Kit (incl. Injection Panel, Injection Fix Kit and Injection Pads)
590-421 Calibration Leak Type B, 5x10E-3 mbarl/s @1bar
590-422 Calibration Leak Type C, 5x10E-4 mbarl/s @1bar
590-427 Calibration Leak Type E, 10g/a
590-429 Calibration Leak Type G, 3g/a



590-615 Injection Pads Small, 60 mm, 10 pcs (for filling tracer gas into fuel tanks)
590-616 Injection Pads Large, 150 mm, 10 pcs (for filling tracer gas into fuel tanks)
590-270 Antistatic Sensor Caps (50 pcs) for Hand Probe
590-292 Replacement Hydrogen Sensor for Hand Probe P60, P60 Flex, P50, P50 Flex, PX57, PX50 Flex,PK50 and PK50 Flex
591-038 Water Protective Tape, for waterprotecting the sensor


Spare Parts

590-260 CX21 Probe Cable, 9.8 ft (3m) for Hand Probe PX57. PX57 Flex, PX50 and PX50 Flex
590-265 CX21 Probe Cable,16.4 ft (5m) for Hand Probe PX57. PX57 Flex, PX50 and PX50 Flex
591-656 Ex-classified Battery Charger for Extrima Hydrogen Leak Detector
598-147 Sensor Key (for Hand Probe P60, P60 Flex, P50, P50 Flex, PX50 and PX50 Flex)
591-687 Shoulder Strap, for Extrima


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