Leak Test Solutions for Many Transportation

Cincinnatic test system (CTS) is a supplier and one of the leading leak testing solutions in the transportation industry worldwide. The growing economy and increasing volume of goods traffic make leak testing demanding for quality testers that give accurate results increase. SentinalTM models that deliver results, has high reliability to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.

Innovative solutions for powertrain applications from motorcycles to pickup trucks

The transmission in motorcycles to pickup trucks makes the vehicle move stably. However, if the differential in the powertrain leaks, it will make the engine unstable, reduce the life of the vehicle, and endanger the driver.

CTS’s systems include pressure decay, vacuum decay, differential, and mass flow leak testers giving CTS the advantage. It can provide the global transportation industry with technology suitable for specific application technologies.

Leakage, flow, and air suspension measurement systems.

The transportation industry needs often forces users to test vehicles in all types of terrain and different environments before being used. High-pressure applications where the ability to compress air for pneumatic units to help to damp and adjust the vehicle’s chassis to the ground is a concern for safety issues. suitable for hydraulic flow measuring medium. Thirty years of custom system experience integrating a multitude of different hydraulic media provides CTS with many options for verifying the integrity and/or functionality of the components or systems being tested. safe.

Transportation is gradually being Innovated and driven by increasing emission regulations.

Large trucks emit a lot of waste that pollutes the environment. Because of that, the transportation industry is trying to design engines with the lowest emissions. Passage tests for emissions and gas leaks allow the industry to keep pace with government regulations.

Application-based experience coupled with the right combination of customized solutions and standard products has made CTS a global leader in the field of leak testers and functional testing systems. power. If the global shipping industry poses a challenge, CTS is ready to provide an innovative solution.


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