Leak Testing Solutions For Energy Sector

The energy sector is one of the areas that receive the most attention and funding compared to other economic sectors. Technological advances in solar, wind, biofuels, natural gas, and nuclear are dominating the globe. Cincinnati test system (CTS) is leading this wave when it comes to supplying the industry. energy advanced leak testing equipment and innovative testing solutions.

Effective solutions for green energy leak detection

The helium test is one of the most popular testing methods because the helium molecule is smaller than that of oxygen and hydrogen. This allows helium to pass through the smallest leaks and at the same time helium is non-toxic and non-flammable, ensuring safety for users. This test is conducted using systems containing MSLD (Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector). Methods used during helium leak testing include pressure testing and vacuum testing.

Pressure test using sniff and mark gas testing methods. Sniffing involves filling a test component with gas and using a probe to monitor or “sniff” the air around the component to detect the presence of gas leaks. During vacuum testing, the component is vacuumed either in the detector or in a separate system, depending on the part size. A spray probe is then used to bring helium to the surface to detect leaks.

Both test methods are used throughout the energy industry and the equipment can be adapted to meet different test requirements.

Mass Spectrometer Helium Leak Tests for Alternative Fuel Delivery and Storage

As gasoline prices continue to soar and strict regulations on emissions make the demand for clean energy sources increases. Alternative energy sources to gas are gradually becoming attractive energy sources, especially in the automotive industry. Capturing demand on CTS is ready to provide mass spectroscopic helium leak tests or pressure/flow-based solutions for energy storage and distribution systems.

Pressure Decay and Mass Flow devices for turbine leak detection

Wind turbines are one of the most popular types of energy today worldwide. A leaky wind turbine can cause performance and equipment life problems, resulting in cost and safety loss during use. Turbine leak detection solutions CTS’s range of mass flow meters include multi-test configurations and feature auto-calibration and storage for up to 99 pre-programmed test sequences.

Hydrogen fuel cell battery leak test

Hydrogen fuel cells use gas flow and diffusion to convert energy into electrical energy. Leaks can occur in cell blocks, plates or electrodes. However, by testing these components prior to assembly, it helps to prevent end product failure. From testing fuel cells and sub-assemblies to leaks and functional testing of fully assembled fuel cells, CTS has proven to be an innovative and reliable partner.

CTS has proven trend-setting offering innovative battery leak detectors and functional testing solutions that keep pace with rapid advancements in the energy sector. Our battery leak testing solutions include differential mass flow detection and helium mass spectrometry detection systems for advanced battery technologies.


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