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Inficon HLD6000 – Multifunction leak tester

With the HLD6000 leak detector, INFICON has gone a step further in developing leak detection technology to the highest level. It is setting new standards for integration into local area networks, reproducible – results-driven and more user-friendly.

The HLD6000’s sniffer probe is developed to be thinner, with an ergonomic shape allowing for more efficient leak detection. Furthermore, with its intuitive touch screen, the HLD6000 is even easier to operate than its predecessor, the HLD5000. The HLD6000 also offers a variety of operating modes. A USB interface as well as an optional I/O module and an optional Fieldbus module are available to collect and use measurement data and integrate it into local area networks.

  • Compact
  • Easy operation
  • Diverse connections
  • High reliability

Outstanding advantages of Inficon HLD6000

  • Slim and ergonomically designed sniffer probe with status light and LED
  • Intuitive touch screen with leak rate graph
  • USB interface for measurement data storage and software updates
  • The new design of the COOL-Check tester makes internal leak testing easier
  • Optional I/O module and optional fieldbus module facilitate integration into local area networks


  • Air Conditioning System (HVAC)
  • Car Air Conditioner
  • RAC components and similar products

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Detectable refrigerant:
With simple Sniffer probe R600a/R290, R744 (CO2)
With Smart Sniffer Probe Halogenated refrigerant
Minimum detectable leak rate
With simple Sniffer probe 1,0 g/a / 0,03 oz/yr
With Smart Sniffer Probe 0,5 g/1 / 0,011 oz/yr
Time to return results < 1s
Leakage rate unit g/a, mbar l/s, oz/yr, Pa m3/s
Start-up time < 30s
I/O 10 inputs, 8 outputs (for use with I/O1000 modules)
Connection interface RS232 (for use with I/O1000 Modules) or system
fieldbus (for use with Profibus modules, PROFINET I/O modules..etc.)
Dimensions (diameter/height) 226 mm, 365 mm/10,25 in, 14,4 in
Weight 4,5 kg/10lb
Allowed operating temperature 5-50°C/40-120°F
Air flow 320 sccm
Insurance 1 year
Manufacturing american


Product Code & Components 

510-025 HLD6000 Refrigerant Leak Detector CO2
510-027 HLD6000 Refrigerant Leak Detector Smart
510-028 HLD6000 Leak Detector R600a/R290
511-045 SNIFFER LINE FOR HLD 6000, CO2
511-048 SNIFFER LINE FOR HLD 6000, R600a/R290
560-310 I/O 1000 module
560-315 BM1000 Profibus module
560-316 BM1000 PROFINET IO module
560-317 BM1000 DeviceNet module
560-318 BM1000 Ethernet/IP module
560-332 Data Cable 2 m
560-335 Data Cable 5 m
560-340 Data Cable 10 m
511-021 Sniffer tip 100mm HLD5000
511-024 Sniffer tip 400 mm
511-022 Sniffer tip, 400mm, prebent, 45°,
511-020 Extension tip 400mm
511-029 Extension for sniffer tip 45°
511-025 Water protection tip
511-040 Extension for probe cable
511-042 Adapter for CO2 calibration
511-027 Set of tip filter holders,20pcs
511-018 Set of filter cartridges,20pcs
511-010 Replacement COOL-CHECK leak



Part Number Description
511-027 Set of tip filter holders HLD5000,20pcs
511-018 Set of filter cartridges HLD5000,20pcs
511-010 Replacement COOL-CHECK HLD5000/HLD6000


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