Inficon LSD3000 AQ – Accumulation Leak Detector


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Accumulation Leak Detector

The Inficon LSD3000 AQ use forming gas or helium in a simple accumulation chamber for leak test. It  is the first leak detector to use forming gas or helium. As a result, the LSD 3000 AQ can help factories optimize the manufacturing cost with accumulation leak test.

Moreover, the instrument is extremely sensitive, detecting leakage as low as 10-5 mbarl/s. The LSD3000 AQ has the accuracy of Heli in leak testing but with the cost as low as using air leak test. The LDS3000 AQ is a product variation of the well-known LDS3000 system vacuum leak detector, with the same user interface and the most up-to-date fieldbus interfaces.


  • Detecting leaks down to 10-5 mbar l/s for both gases
  • Communicative diversity through a wide range of analog and digital interfaces
  • Unique accumulation leak detector for forming gas and helium


  • Cost efficient solution
  • Testing as reliable as vacuum chamber – at nearly the cost of air testing
  • Ready for the future with fieldbus interfaces for the Industry 4.0 integration
  • Temperature and humidty indipendency offers reliable test results with high repeteability

Typical Application

  • Leak detection for room air conditioner components, refrigeration components or heating components
  • Manufacturers of automotive gas lines, small heater coils, etc. that are now demanding greater leak tightness
  • Leak detection involving warm, humid or large parts, where the pressure decay method is ineffective
  • Other markets where helium vacuum leak detection has been considered too costly or complex


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Measurement range decades 5
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm
272 x 130 x 272
10,7 x 5,1 x 10,7
Time constant of the leak rate signal s <1
recorder output lin/log 0 – 10V
Test chamber pressure Atm 1
Run up time min <3
Status / Trigger outputs 8 x relaiscontacts (max. 60V DC / 25V AC / 1A)
Control inputs SPS compatible (max.35V)
Minimum detectable leak rate mbar•L/s 1.00E-06

Part Number

560-310 I/O 1000 module
560-315 BM1000 Profibus module
560-316 BM1000 PROFINET IO module
560-317 BM1000 DeviceNet module
560-318 BM1000 Ethernet/IP module
560-320 CU1000 Control unit (additionall 1 data cable needed)
560-332 Data Cable 2 m
560-335 Data Cable 5 m
560-340 Data Cable 10 m
560-600 ULTRATEST LDS3000 AQ, accumulation LD


560-320 CU1000 Control unit (additionall 1 data cable needed)
560-324 DIN Rail Power supply 24v, 10A
560-630 Diaphragm pump LDS AQ


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