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CONNECT CO (External) – Leak Testing Control Support

The CTS Connect CO (External) pneumatic connector is designed to suit most manufacturing needs. Effective on smooth, rough or twisted round Threads. These pneumatic connectors consist of an internal gas piston (piston), the connector is covered by surface rubber seals.

Benefits include:

  • Outstanding sealing ability without scratching the surface of the product
  • Automatic 1 sealing
  • Diverse design to meet all needs
  • Easy to replace
  • Durable

Types of Connect CO (External):


0.030 – 0.130” (0.8 – 3.3 mm)


0.100 – 0.510″


0.433 – 0.827″


0.787 – 1.510″


1.496 – 1.969″


1.969 – 3.032″

The CO Series is suitable for different pressure leak detectors from CTS like:


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