Inficon offers a wide range of leak detectors & sealing solutions in Industrial production.

Used in manufacturing industries: HVAC/R, semiconductor components, automobile manufacturing, products subject to non-destructive hermetic testing, components resistant to water or dust… INFICON equipment is so sensitive that A loss of less than 1/1,000,000 gram of gas is considered a leak (depending on the level of requirement).

HYSTRONG – INFICON Authorized Agent in Vietnam

Advantages of using INFICON leak detectors

Meet the highest quality standards to help achieve your quality management goals
Help ensure the production process
Reduce operating costs
Trained support staff distributed across dealers

List of Inficon Devices:

Battery Leak Tester (***NEW***)

Hydrogen leak detector – Sniffer

Helium leak detector – Sniffer

Refrigerant leak detector – Sniffer

Portable Vacuum Leak Detector (Helium – Hydrogen)

  • UL1000
  • UL1000 FAB
  • UL3000 FAB
  • UL5000
  • UL3000 FAC ULTRA (***NEW***)

Leak detector for system integration (Helium – Hydrogen)

  • LDS3000 Modular
  • Module1000 Helium
  • Sensor ISH2000 HySpeed
  • Sensor ISH2000P

Accumulation leak detector (Helium – Hydrogen)

  • AP29ECO Sampling Probe
  • LDS3000 AQ
  • T-Guard2

Packaging leak tester

  • Contura S400

Tracer Gas Fillers

  • Complete Gas Injection Kit
  • Sensator ILS500 Fz
  • TGF11

Leak Calibration Kit

  • Refrigerant gas leak calibration (R134a, R32, R600a, R404a, R290, CO2, SF6…)
  • Helium leak calibration (for P3000, P3000XL & XL3000flex)

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