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INFICON ECOTEC E3000 – Multigas Sniffer Leak Detector

The INFICON Ecotec E3000 is packed with the most advanced technologies for leak testing. Mainly used in the production of refrigeration, automotive refrigeration and similar products. Undetected leaks increase your warranty costs. False alarms increase your remanufacturing costs. Therefore, improving the accuracy and reliability of your leak testing will result in maximum cost savings.

The Ecotec E3000 leak detector is specifically designed for demanding production environments. Many advanced features and built-in I-Guide mode (operational assistance). Make it easy to use and minimize operating errors. The cycle works and gives quick results. Innovative and durable design reduces maintenance costs.

Advantages Ecotec E3000 Inficon

  • Improved system design reduces the possibility of errors.
  • IGS (Interfering Gas Suppression Algorithm) ensures leak detection only.
  • Built-in ECO-Check reference standard leak. Enables quick and easy calibration at the production line at any time.
  • Multiple alarms ensure leaks cannot be ignored.
  • The I-Guide (operating guide mode) ensures the operator checks the correct position with the right technique.
  • The instrument can be operated through the probe display and probe buttons without accessing the main unit.
  • Integrated light on Sniffer probe. Support finding leak point in low light environment
  • Quick and easy operation
  • Ergonomic probe design allows for easy and comfortable use.
  • The operating software is available in multiple languages.

Low maintenance cost

  • All components that make up the Ecotec E3000 are durable and long-lasting.
  • Low maintenance cost and time

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Specifications Ecotec E3000

Sensitivity R134a 0.05 g/a (0.002 oz/yr)
R600a 0.05 g/a (0.002 oz/yr)
Helium 1 x 10-6 mbarl/s
Measuring range 0.05 – 999.99 g/a (0.002 – 99.999 oz/yr)
Result time 0.3 s
Result time with sniffer line 0.8 s
Maximum number that can be detected simultaneously 4
Unit of measure g/a; oz/yr; mbar l/s; Pa m3/s; ppm
Start-up time < 2 min
Dimensions (width x height x depth) 610 x 370 x 265 mm (24 x 14.6 x 10.4 in)
weight 34 kg (75 lbs)
Air flow 160 sccm
Operating temperature 10 – 45°C (50-113°F)


Product Code & Components 

12301 Refrigerant Test Leak R1234ze, 2-5 g/a
12305 Refrigerant Test Leak R452A, 2-5 g/a
12321 Refrigerant Test Leak R454C, 2-5 g/a
12324 Refrigerant Test Leak R513A, 2-5g/a
530-001 Leak detector EcotecE3000, 230V
530-002 Leak detector Ecotec E3000, 115 V
530-101 Ecotec E3000A, 230V, Aviation package
530-102 Ecotec E3000A, 115V, Aviation package
530-103 Ecotec E3000, RC, Multi Gas LD, 230V
530-104 Ecotec E3000, RC, Multi Gas LD, 115V
12209 Sniffer tip FT600, 600mm, flexible
12213 Sniffer Tip ST 312,120mm rigid
12214 Sniffer tip FT312, 120mm flexible
12215 Sniffer tip ST385, 385mm, rigid
12216 Sniffer tip FT385, 385mm, flexible
12218 Sniffer tip ST200, 200mm, rigid
12246 Water protection tip for SL3000
12266 Sniffer tip FT250, 250mm, flexible
12272 Sniffer tip, rigid, 500 mm. 45°angled
525-001 SL3000-3, sniffer line 3 m length
525-002 SL3000-5, sniffer line 5 m length
525-003 SL3000-10, sniffer line 10 m length
525-004 SL3000-15 sniffer line 15m length
525-005 customer sniffer line adapterE3000/P3000
525-006 Holder for sniffer line SL3000
525-007 Cover for reference leak port
551-100 Control unit, desktop version
551-101 Display unit, rack installation
551-102 Cable 5 m for 551–100
551-103 Connecting cable, ext. Control unit, 0.7


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