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Cincinnati-Test Systems (CTS) is a leading company in air leak detection and leak test systems for many different industries, especially in industry 4.0. CTS provides leak testing solutions, leak detectors based on specific factory needs. With experience in leak testing for each specific industry sector, CTS’ leak test instruments are ideal choices for manufacturers.

The CTS Sentinel™ leak detector series is the most popular leak test instrument line from Cincinnati-Test Systems. The leak detectors have been tested and trusted by major factories. In Vietnam, the CTS Sentinel™ series has been widely used in factories from Vinfast, Samsung, Hyundai, …

HystrongICL is currently the Sole Distributor of CTS in Vietnam. With a team of well-trained staff, HystrongICL surely provides appropriate leak testing solutions to your requirements.

Typical CTS Sentinel™ Leak Detectors

  • Sentinel Blackbelt: The most innovative leak testing instrument in the current market.
  • Sentinel Blackbelt Pro: Multi-Chanel leak test instruments (executing 4 different testing process at the same time). The instrument is ideal for Air Pressure Leak Test, Vacuum Leak Test, and Mass-Flow Leak Test.
  • Sentinel I28: The most flexible and affordable leak testing detector
  • Sentinel C28we: Providing quick and reliable leak testing results
  • Sentinel C20we: Ideal leak testing solution with low-budget
  • Sentinel MH: Effective leak testing instrument in module with high testing speed, simple design and
  • TracerMate II: Tracer gas leak test systems (Nitrogen or Helium), suitable for injecting and aspirating air into test components for inspection.


HystrongICL is the Sole Distributor of Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) in Vietnam, with a team of experienced Technicians.
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