Leak testing is used to determine whether products pass a specified leak limit. Leaks occur when a gas or liquid flows from a higher pressure side to a lower pressure side of a part and are caused by holes, cracks, weak seals or permeable areas in a product.All gas and fluid leaks have the potential to reduce product performance and lead to system failure. Leaks can also pose serious risks, especially those involving toxic or combustive substances. Because of this, it is important to conduct regular leak testing to ensure leaks are caught before they cause damage or harm.

Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) designs and manufactures some of the industry’s most technically advanced, best-performing leak test systems, leak detection equipment, gas charge and reclaim handling equipment, and related components and accessories.

From benchtop leak testing devices to helium recovery systems to custom-engineered solutions, CTS has the right technology for your leak detection requirements. Browse our Leak Detector FAQ’s to learn more or request a quote on the air leak testing solution you need.