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The Inficon Sky® CDG045D nanometers are the perfect tool for you to have high accuracy total pressure measurement and control. Being maintained under 45oC, the CDG045D has the stability and repeatability of the signals. The availble scale range is from 100m Torr to 1000 Torr, for all common flange types and fieldbus interfaces. The nanometers also provide a linear 0 to 10V.

The product is designed with an ultra pure alumina ceramic diaphragm and corrosion proof. It brings the better signal stability, faster recovery, short warm up time and amazing lifetime. The high quality Inficon CDGs help you to optimize expenses in vacuum applications.


  • Lower cost of ownership, 50% faster warm up, energy efficient low power consumption
  • Easy integration, wide variety of full scales, flanges and interfaces, standard with two set points
  • Easy one push button or remote signal zero command, zero offset adjustable
  • Diagnostic port for quick service and maintenance
  • Two year warranty, longer life time with advanced heating concept and gauge protection
  • No long term recalibration due to excellent signal stability and repeatability, even in harsh plasma applications
  • Compliance & standards: CE, EN, UL, SEMI, RoHS


  • Etch, CVD, PVD and other semiconductor production processes
  • Chemical and corrosive processes
  • General thin film and vacuum processes
  • Reference sensor for monitoring of test instruments according to international standards
  • Transfer standard for traceability measurements


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Type CDG045D DeviceNet™
Connector for CDG (analog output, supply voltage CDG, setpoints) D-sub, 15 pin, male
Connector for DeviceNet™ microstyle, 5 pin, male
Protocol DeviceNet™, group 2 slave only
Data rate 125, 250, 500 by switch or network programmable
Cable length
500 kbps 500 kbps 100 (330)
125 kbps 125 kbps 500 (1650)
250 kbps 250 kbps 250 (825)
MAC ID address 00 – 63 by switch or network programmable
Digital functions pressure, status, ID
Specification DeviceNet™ “Vacuum Gauge Device Profile” (ODVA)
Device type “VG” vacuum gauge
I / O slave messaging polling only
Supply voltage for gauge at D-sub connector +14 … +30 VDC or ±15 V / ≤12 W
Supply voltage for DeviceNet transceiver at microstyle connector 24 V nom / <2 W (11 … 25 V)


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