6 things you didn’t know you could do with the Sentinel I28

Sentinel I28 is a popular instrument for use by our customers. It is one of the most advanced multi-functional test instruments on the market. It is a flexible instrument, configurable for a variety of pressure decay and mass flow testing requirements.
This flexibility means there are many test types made possible with the I28 that manufacturers may not realize. Let’s explore some of these, below, to make sure you are getting the maximum benefit out of your Sentinel I28.

1. Run an occlusion test with Sentinel I28

Many manufacturers don’t realize they can run an occlusion test with their Sentinel I28. Backpressure occlusion blockage testing is one of the popular methods of blockage testing, used predominantly to check tube sets and valves in the medical device manufacturing industry.
This test type utilizes a constant user-regulated air pressure delivered by the test instrument to the part under test. The test is simple and has only one operating step where at the end of a test timer, the backpressure is recorded and must remain below a high backpressure limit (as defined by the user) to pass. Alternatively, the logic may be reversed to verify that the part does not vent to atmosphere and is closed.

2. Conduct a pressure decay test and mass flow test with same instrument

Another helpful feature of the Sentinel I28 is that it can perform pressure decay testing and mass flow testing using the same instrument.
This unique capability is particularly helpful in ensuring you are using the technology that provides you with the most accurate and repeatable test results. Using the same instrument, you can conduct a Gage R&R study, testing your instrument using pressure decay, then mass flow, to identify the most effective test type.

3. Control up to 4 different pressure sources

The Sentinel I28 is equipped to control up to 4 different pressure sources. This is particularly helpful when conducting multiple tests on the same part that require both high and low pressure.
For example, you could run an occlusion test at low pressure and a pressure decay test at high pressure, at the same station, all with the same device. The instrument will be able to pull up the required pressure, with manually controlled regulators.
Instead of having to use different instruments for each part during testing, the Sentinel I28 offers a simple way, right out of the box to run multiple tests, controlling itself, saving you time and money.

4. Control up to 2 different electronic regulators

Electronic regulators are becoming more and more common in production as a way to ensure a consistent, accurate test every time.
The Sentinel I28 is unique in that is allows you to control up to 2 different electronic regulators at the same time. This means that you can set up one regulator for vacuum and the other for pressure, all with the same instrument.

5. Automate test pressure selection before test

Manual test pressure selection on the line can lead to inefficiencies and false results. The Sentinel I28 delivers a solution, equipped with technology that allows it to automate test pressure selection on a line with varying parts and designs.
When connected to an electronic regulator, the Sentinel I28 automatically selects the right settings for your test, which can allow for full automation, depending how you want to set up your line.

6. Store barcode-scanned information

The Sentinel I28 is equipped to allow for the scanning and storing of barcode information, as can be required on the manufacturing line.
Once your barcode scanner is plugged into the Sentinel I28, simply scan the barcode, press start on instrument, and the information scanned will be stored along with the associated test data. The operator can then be presented with all of this information in a character string at the end of the test.
This allows you to reference test time, date, operator, leak rate, accept/reject, etc. in association to specific parts that have come down your line, by serial number, etc.
The Sentinel I28 allows for up to roughly 5,000 pieces of data to be stored on the device, or it can be connected to other data collection devices you may be using on your line.

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