A diverse range of experience and products has made Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) a preeminent supplier of leak and functional test solutions to the global transportation industry. The transportation industry demands reliability and the SentinelTM family of leak testers delivers exacting quality to meet the needs of the most demanding customers in the industry.

Innovative solutions for powertrain applications from motorcycles to semi-trucks
The CTS family of pressure decay, vacuum decay, differential, and mass flow instruments gives CTS the advantage of being able to offer the global transportation sector the right technology or combination of technologies for each specific application.

Custom hydraulic leak, flow and burst test measurement systems
The demands of the transportation industry often mandate that test media, other than air, are utilized. High pressure applications, where the compressibility of air poses safety concerns, are well suited for hydraulic flow tester media. Thirty years of custom system experience integrating a multitude of different hydraulic media, affords CTS many options to safely verify the integrity and/or functionality of the components or systems being tested.

Innovation being driven by ever increasing emissions regulations
As the global transportation industry strives to design engines that emit lower levels of greenhouse gases, more exacting test measurement techniques are required to allow the industry to keep pace with the tightening governmental regulations.

Application based experience coupled with the right mix of custom solutions and standard products has propelled CTS into a global leadership position in the areas of leak testers and functional test systems. If the global transportation industry poses a challenge, CTS is poised to deliver an innovative solution.

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